Beneficiaries Terms and Conditions

Beneficiaries Terms and Conditions

At Jamil Trust we care about the safety of our beneficiaries who receive computers as a
donation from us and serve them with dignity and respect. To maintain the high standard of
our service we have set the following terms and conditions for the use of our services.

1. Selection Criteria

1.1. Referrals

We welcome referrals from any established religious organisations, schools,
local authority or any registered charity in the form of a written letter, email or
phone call will be accepted with the beneficiary’s name and address.

1.2. Means Test

At Jamil Trust we aim to provide free computers and peripherals to as many
deserving people as possible, however we have set up these means test
rules for every one across the board to determine eligibility to receive our
donation as a computer.
The means test is point based system, higher points will be given priority :

Point TypesPoints
Receiving means tested benefits e.g
Universal Credit
Referred by any educational
institution (school, college, adult
education, youth club )
Referred by any religious
organisation (Church, Mosque,
Temple, Synagogue, etc)
Referred by another charity
(Foodbank, Lions Club, Salvation
Army etc)
Referred by a local Councillor or MP2


2. Computer and Devices

2.1. Computers and devices will be given as pre-owned, or used condition.
2.2. We will fix them and make them in minimal working conditions.
2.3. Any extra software must be purchased separately .
2.4. Any extra part or upgrade must be bought separately.
2.5. There will be no warranty with the computers or devices given by us.
2.6. We will not drop computers or devices outside of our premises.
2.7. All computers and devices are fully checked for health and safety.
2.8. All computers and data bearing devices will be subject to our data
destruction policy and will be wiped off before giving to the beneficiaries.
2.9. The initial training is a basic training on how to use the computer or
device and is limited to only ½ hour.

3. Proof of Identity

We will require your proof of identity and home address, any one of the following
documents will be accepted.
3.1. UK Driving Licence
3.2. UK Passport
3.3. Utility Bill
3.4. Student Card
4. Your Consent

We will ask your consent to retain your details in our database in accordance with our
Privacy Policy.