About Jamil...

Jamil Ahmed

Jamil Ahmed  (Known as Mian Jamil) 

Father, a grandfather, a philanthropist and well known for his generosity and love for the people lives in Chishtian a remote town of South Punjab a densely populated province of Pakistan. 

He was born in Jalal Abad a village named after his father Jalal U Din, who was a head of a family which had a strong relationship with the then Nawab of Bahawalpur (King of Abbasi Dynasty ). The family was very popular among the farmers for their support for the farmers rights campaigns and land reforms.

He had completed his commerce degree from Punjab University and decided to work in his father’s 750 acres of vast farm land, and soon he became a favourite and kind employer of around 200 farmers who work under his management.

He brought many reforms in the farming and encouraged farmers to use new technology to enhance per acre production. Under his management he built free residential units for the poor farmers.  

During his early age he set up a medical centre where free medical treatment is being given to the underprivileged people. 

Currently after retirement he is a patron of a food bank which provides free food to those who are suffering financial hardship in their life. 

He has 6 grown up children 3 of his sons live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent UK, who regularly support his ongoing charitable work in Chishtian.

His sons and their friends set up Jamil Trust in Tunbridge Wells to carry on  his legacy . 

God bless him !